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Our experienced Chartered Surveyors can assist landlords and tenants through every stage of the complex dilapidations process through to final negotiations

Whether a pub tenancy, retail unit, warehouse or office block, the serving or receiving of a dilapidations claim can be a complex, even emotive, issue.  For both landlord and tenant there are risks: not only is there the assessment of lease clauses, consideration of repair, redecoration and reinstatement, the quantification of costs, or perhaps undertaking the work or needing to monitor the work and complying with the Protocol, but there is always the possibility of having to negotiate the claim.

At Pinders we have Chartered Building Surveyors experienced in representing both landlords and tenants, who can offer an early assessment of liability, provide procedural guidance, prepare and serve a claim, interpret a claim and, if necessary, undertake negotiations .

If required, Pinders has specialist valuers that can also provide valuations of diminution.

John Bonner, Chartered Building Surveyor

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John Bonner, Chartered Building Surveyor

Contact John or one of our team on 01908 350500

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