Needs Assessment Reports

The process of building a new care home, care village or assisted living scheme should start with a full investigation of the demand for the service being offered – a step often overlooked by hasty developers.  Increasingly, proof of demand is being required as part of the planning process and our reports have stood up to scrutiny and cross-examination at Planning Appeals and Inquiries, becoming widely accepted as authoritative surveys and assessments in their own right.

Whilst significant reliance is placed on statistical and demographic data, this is combined with detailed investigations into the Social Services and Primary Care Trust’s Strategic Plans and initiatives for the region.  We are also able to apply a practical context to this information, overlaying the continually updated experience of the sector gleaned from visits to over a thousand homes each year.

Such advice has been provided to, and relied upon by, the likes of Barchester Healthcare, Sunrise Senior Living, Signature Senior Lifestyle, Methodist Homes for the Aged, Sentinel Healthcare, Notaro Care Homes, Blanchworth Care, New Century Care, Castleoak and Caring Homes.

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